3 Tips To Choose The Best Rescue Harness

With manufactures like Petzl, CMC, Singing Rock, Yates, and so many different models made by each of those manufacturers, how do you choose the best rescue harness for the work you do?

We’ll look at three major factors that you should consider before you decide on the best rescue harness for you.

#1. Evaluate the environment you will be working in

This will help you ensure that you’re seeking out the right technical features:

  • CONFINED SPACE: Evaluate the need for things like shoulder attachment points.  These attachment points allow you to be lowered vertically into a space such as a manhole.
  • TOWER: Evaluate the need for side positioning attachment points for a work positioning belts or lanyards that allow you to tie off into a comfortable work position.  
  • HIGH ANGLE: Evaluate the need to be able to don and adjust your harness quickly, so a harness that has speed buckles for faster donning maybe required.   If your area is more backcountry rescue verses industrial rescue, you’ll want to evaluate the weight and bulk of the harness as you may have to wear and carry it farther. 

#2. Look for comfort and fit

More padding doesn’t always necessarily mean more comfort – different harnesses work well with different builds.  If possible, try on as many harnesses as possible that offer the technical features you need to find your best fit.

#3. Make sure the harness meets the relevant certifications

These certifications will vary, depending on the environment you’re working in – NFPA, ANSI, CE , EN etc…  Here are a few of the harnesses that meet these certification criteria: