What we do doesn’t set us apart, it’s how we do it and why.

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From training you’ll remember and safety strategies you’ll actually use, to gear that makes sense, we’re shameless about bringing out your safety savvy.


Are you an emergency responder with a rescue mandate? We are at the forefront of technical rescue training. Our curriculum is NFPA compliant and recognized worldwide.

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Does your workplace have rescue and safety OHS standards? We give you the tools — from training to documentation to standby services — to perform your job safely and efficiently.

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Are you responsible for extended patient care in remote or challenging environments? Our internationally recognized medical courses ensure preparedness no matter where work or play takes you.

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Train with the challenges in your own backyard

Private courses deliver our training to your team on your timeline, using the challenges in your own backyard.

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Melissa Paulhus

“Our instructor worked with our rescue chief to stay consistent to our training while still teaching us new things on our Roadside Rescue course. The instructor was able to work with the tools we already had.”

Melissa Paulhus, Training Coordinator

Steve McKinlay

“My instructor Kit was a complete professional with his subject. He was personable and encouraged questions – he also constantly asked questions to check for understanding. There was no time spent standing around, and we always knew what our goals were during scenarios. I had a fun experience during my Operations ropes course, and Kit heightened my desire to be a fire fighter.”

Steve McKinlay, Firefighter Candidate