Wilderness Medical Operations for Medical Professionals (40hrs)



This workshop focuses on adapting participant’s medical expertise to an outdoor or wilderness context. It fosters the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage medical emergencies in remote environments.   

There are three unique challenges in providing care in the wilderness: harsh environments, limited equipment, and prolong patient care time. Through specific skill development, practical patient assessment activities, and complex simulations participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills overcoming these challenges.

The knowledge base for this workshop evolves from a unique combination of evidence-based clinical guidelines from leading international  authorities, and Raven RSM’s  expertise teaching  technical  rescue and wilderness medicine courses for the past 30 plus years. 

This workshop will enable participants to assess and appreciate the risks involved in wilderness care. It fosters decision making and communications skills through multiple patient scenarios in complex environments.  The use of video feedback enhances participants self evaluation and learning from others. 

Learning Objectives:

1.     Participants will develop decision making and risk assessment skills necessary to adapt traditional medical care to a wilderness context. 

2.      Participants will learn and practice how to deliver care in extreme environments and how to package a patient for transport to medical care.

3.     Participants will understand how to adapt standard medical procedures for use in an austere environment using limited or improvised equipment.

Wilderness Medical Operations for Medical Professionals


Participants should be currently certified and working as one of the following medical professionals: Primary or Advanced Care  Paramedic, Registered Nurse, or Physician.


4 days (40hrs)


A mixture of classroom and outdoor sessions


Minimum 10. Maximum 15



Required Equipment

Notebook, pen.  Indoor and Outdoor clothing appropriate for the environment


Raven Medical Feild Guide

Course Workbook

Certification – Wilderness Medical Operations for Medical Professionals

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