Rescue For River Runners Pro



The focus of this 3-day Rescue For River Runners Pro (R3-Pro) course is on the necessary knowledge and skills for river guides and kayakers that spend a good portion of their lives on the river in a professional capacity to choose good actions when a river rescue is necessary while on technical rivers (class III and higher).

R3-Pro is tailored to the specific needs of paddlers, their equipment, and the environment they are in. The energetic and physical curriculum wil lbe challenging and focused on quick reaction time with a thorough understanding of options and resources.  There is no classroom session as this course assumes prior river knowledge from all participants.

Note: This course is not NFPA compliant nor will it meet the needs of professional groups such as fire or field services.

Rescue For River Runners Pro Course Details


3 days


River based


Minimum 10. Maximum 12.

  • 18+ years of age (16-17 with parental permission)
  • Strong swimming ability
  • Rescue for River Runners or proof of prior similar experience or training
  • Ability to paddle or raft class 3 water
  • Be actively involved in kayaking, rafting, river boarding or canoeing
  • In good physical condition



Repeat the entire course at a 15% discount every three years

Annual Training Maintenance

Click here to read about the options available for annual guided practice

Required Equipment
  • Drysuit or wetsuit*
  • Personal flotation device (Type III or V)*
  • Water-sports helmet*
  • Neoprene gloves (optional)
  • Neoprene footwear with a good walking sole, wading boots, or running shoes
  • Layers of wool or fleece clothing for under the drysuit/wetsuit including sweater, pants, gloves, socks
  • The boat you regularly paddle in

* Rental equipment available.

Takeaways & Documentation
  • Rescue 3’s River Rescue manual, including a guiding skills checklist and guiding log
  • Personalized skill sheet signed by the instructor
  • Registration of training record in Rescue 3’s international database
  • Certificate of completion

R3-Pro Course Outline

  • A review of key concepts
  • Site safety assessment
  • Advanced river signals and communication
  • Advanced live bait rescue applications
  • Tension diagonal
  • Whitewater swimming skills
  • Advanced river hydrology and hazards
  • Complex foot and body entrapment
  • Combat and rescue swimming
  • Advanced rope work including descending and raising skills
  • Review of key concepts
  • Site safety assessment
  • Recovery of drifting/personless boat into shore or safe eddy
  • Self-rescue techniques including swimming a boat to shore
  • Rescue of a distressed swimmer
  • Rope work for complex wraps, pins, and flips
  • Compound and complex mechanical advantage
  • Technical problem (swiftwater rescue scenario)
  • Night operation
  • Review of key concepts
  • Debrief of night operation
  • Site safety assessment
  • Spine friendly play boat extrication techniques
  • Rescue from a pinned boat
  • Recovery of a boat from a re-circulating feature
  • Multiple technical problems (swiftwater rescue scenarios)
  • Debrief

We also offer this as a private course

Our private training courses ensure personalized hands-on training through human-based scenarios

Training Maintenance

If you have a group that would like to review their training together, the training maintenance program may be right for you.

Your group pays the instructor’s daily teaching fee and travel costs associated with bringing the instructor to your training location, along with an annual fee to be part of the maintenance program. This is generally a pretty reasonable approach for training departments because:

  • it allows us to deliver the training in small chunks every year, rather than in one big chunk every three years
  • it gives department members more annual hands-on time with their skills
  • new members can integrate into maintenance programs by jumping on an open course from our public schedule

We track your members, and their status on course content completion within a three year cycle, which mirrors a traditional three year recertification cycle.  It’s an excellent value for the cost, and allows you to review your skills in your own backyard.

The training maintenance program replaces the need to recertifiy your training on a traditional three year recertification cycle.

This is an option to audit, or participate in a course for which you already hold a current certification – at no charge.

Take a look at our upcoming course schedule online and find a course location and time that works for you. Email or call us to sign up as an audit. Show up and take the course. It’s that simple.

Free audits do not extend your certification period in any way, but this is a great way to re-fresh your skills on a regular basis, in a safe, controlled environment with a qualified, insured instructor.

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