BC SAR Rope Rescue Technician 1



This course has been designed for BC Search and Rescue Volunteers and follows the curriculum and  learning outcomes as established by Emergency Management BC. 

The curriculum includes competencies as presented in the Provincial Operating Guidelines (POGs) 3.02a BC SAR Wildland Rope Rescue Competency Matrix, SAR Rope Principles and Guidelines.

BC SAR Rope Rescue Technician 1 Course Details


3 days (24 hours, including pre-course study guide)


Classroom and field


Minimum 6. Maximum 6.

  • Rope Rescue Awareness online course through JIBC
  • Pre-reading and online quiz
  • Member of authorized BC SAR rope rescue team


Required Equipment
  • Full body harness (Type III or V)*
  • Climbing or rescue helmet*
  • Sturdy boots (tactical boots or hiking boots are fine, steel toes not required)
  • Pants made of durable material
  • Gloves with leather palms (work gloves are fine)

*Rental included in course fee

Takeaways & Documentation
  • EMBC Wildland Rope Rescue Manual
  • EMBC Wildland Rope Rescue Field Guide
  • Student practice sheets

BC SAR Rope Rescue Technician 1 Course Content

  • Rope rescue physics
  • Knots bends and hitches
  • Anchor systems
  • Command and communications
  • Dual capability two tensioned rope systems
  • Lowering operations
  • Raising operations
  • Conversions: lower to raise and raise to lower
  • Edge Management
  • Stretcher Rigging
  • Patient Packaging
  • Slope rescue

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