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Raven Medical is adding to its community of dedicated, professional and experienced wilderness medical instructors. Our goal is to produce instructors that can bring out the best medical skills and abilities from the clients we work with. In light of this, the length of time our instructor training process takes depends on the candidate’s prior experience, aptitude, teaching goals and availability.

General Prerequsites

All instructor candidates must possess:

  • Teaching experience
  • Qualification in medicine and/or pre-hospital care with hands-on patient care experience (e.g. nurse, paramedic, doctor, EMT, pro patrol, etc…)
  • Diverse background working and/or recreating in the outdoors

The ideal candidate will be strong in all three categories. However, consideration will also be given to those who need improvement in one skill set but are very strong in the two other areas.

Successful candidates must attend an instructor training course.

Upon completion of the instructor training course, each instructor candidate will co-teach with experienced instructors until they are ready to teach on their own. This process can take time. How much time will depend upon an individual’s existing skill and experience, and the frequency with which they can attend courses.

Teaching For Raven Medical

Raven Medical instructors teach courses for a wide range of clients from natural resource fieldworkers, to industrial personnel, to outdoor adventurers. We have rigorous requirements designed to ensure that our instructors are capable of bringing out the best from every type of client they work with.

In order to become a Raven Medical instructor, candidates must demonstrate:

  • Mastery level of required and related skills
  • Compelling teaching ability
  • High standard of professionalism
  • A client service orientation

Raven RSM organizes all aspects of the courses taught by Raven Medical instructors, including classrooms, insurance and travel. They must be audited by an Instructor Trainer every two years and participate in regular professional development opportunities to maintain their operational status.

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