Bring out the safety and rescue savvy of Canadians countrywide.


We teach and learn from our loyal client base. They represent individuals and groups, from the public and private sectors, with a background in the industry, resource, outdoor adventure, and emergency response.

Working at Raven Rescue

We only hire people who have a long history of using their skills in real life situations. As a result, our personnel are subject matter experts before they even start working for us. They are highly conversant with the application of the latest developments in the theory and practice of technical rescue and wilderness medicine. In addition, we require all our personnel to come already equipped with great personalities and the mindset required to really connect with clients in order to meet their needs.


Our technical rescue instructors regularly work in high-risk environments including swiftwater or confined space and utilize technical rope systems with as much ease as it takes most people to make breakfast. This means that your training is conducted in a safe environment. It also means they understand how to break complex skills down into simple, logical progressions that are easy to learn … and remember.


Our wilderness medical instructors are all medical rescue professionals who actively work in remote or unconventional settings but are also experienced educators, researchers and advocates for healthcare in adverse conditions. What’s more, our consistent and rigorous instructor training process ensures that we use a logical, systems-based approach to teach complex medical subjects in a way that makes sense.


Raven Medical instructors work with clients across Canada, from natural resource fieldworkers and industrial personnel, to outdoor adventurers.

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Our goal is to produce instructors that can bring out the best safety and rescue skills from the clients we work with.

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Contribute your technical rescue experience to teams that meet the needs of Canadians countrywide.

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